Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trip to Stavern

I was awoken abrutly this morning by Mikal’s alarm clock. It was time to hit the nets and pots to see our catch for the night. Apparently, however, my morning mind did not find this to be an appealing idea and I grumbled for Mikal and the others to go on without me. They had fun pulling in another good catch and I had fun finishing my sleep. We spent the afternoon in a small town near the cabin called Stavern. In this town there was an old fort that was used in the days of Norway’s alliance with Napoleon. Here we walked along the beautiful waterfront that was accented by unique rocks. This bay formed a perfect area for a little sailing school where children could sign up for week long lessons in small boats. There was also a small museum that chronicled the maritime activity of the area. We then headed back to the cabin for a big seafood dinner. And don’t worry, I made it through the meal but I feel a bit whoozy now. After one last swim in the fjord we packed up our stuff and are ready to head out tomorrow morning.

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