Monday, July 9, 2007

Surfing and Fishing in the Fjord

This morning we got to see our first bit of Norwegian sun. After lunch, we headed down to the dock with the windsurfing board and wetsuits. The latter is not really a necessity as much as a convenience. I was surprised to find out that the water here is quite a bit warmer than back home in the Sound and the ocean. Peter took everyone and gave individual coaching in windsurfing technique while the others watched from the rocks. While awaiting our lessons we caught crabs under the dock, but they were a bit too small to eat. My turn with windsurfing was mildly successful, Peter taught me a few techniques that helped in getting started, and made it a better attempt than some of the mishaps we’ve had with our board. This board was also a bit smaller than ours, making it easier to manuever. The afternoon was gorgeous, and I spent much of it basking in the sun on the deck with a cool drink and watching the sun glisten on the fjord below. I was struck in this moment with the incredible way that God can bless me with just some heat and a nice background. Thank you Lord! Before dinner we decided to give fishing another try because we hadn’t caught anything the time before. We did not fish with poles, however, but with string on handle that had 5 hooks on it (see The Norwegian gods of the ocean provided these foreign Vikings with a good catch, 11 fish, on just a short trip. After an authentic Scandinavian dish of tacos and burritos, with the confidence from our recent success, we decided to try another method of fishing. We took the boat out on the fjord and set up a crab pot and a fishing net that we will pull out tomorrow morning.


Calvin said...

wow Markus! sonds like an awesome day! Thanks for sharing.
Your Mom, Calvin, Unecko, Camilla, Bria Marika and I had a fantastic day taking the ferry to Seattle. The weather was in the 80's. We had such a great time @ the aquarium and Pike Street Market. We miss you guys, kay

Emily said...

Markus this blog is so awesome. It sounds like God is blessing your trip. Tell Alexander I do not understand his Norwegian insults:) It is like 95 here today..I am pretty much living in the pool. See you when you get home! -em