Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the flag over the loop

This is something I jotted down last quarter as I studied. With the 2008 campaign in full swing, I thought some of you may like to see a bit of my political struggles:

So many complaints and controversies
Heaping blame on the old eagle
Her own nest is filled with condemnation
The world is tired of her oppressive claws,
And greedy beak.
She always thought these were just protective.
To provide for her family.

And I can feel my own egg cracking,
My complaining beak is starting to move.

Then I look out my window.
Red, White, and Blue bleeding from the tallest tree.
Glistening in the sunlight promising me hope, liberty, and protection.
It begs me to trust and to help fix the nest,
not tear it down.