Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Big Festival Day

Today, was the festival’s biggest day, with the largest bands, a few from the US, playing in the evening. In the afternoon Alexander brought us to an awesome swimming area where we jumped off cliffs and attempted to dodge the millions of jellyfish (the kinds that can actually sting you). It was also really fun meeting and hanging out with Lisbeth and Alexander’s friends from Vigrestad. Even though they spoke broken English, it was fun to get to know them. This day was not as rainy as yesterday, and the evening event was a Black gospel choir from Los Angeles (an interesting choice for a main event in my opinion). After this the entire field of people, about 6 or 7 thousand, participated in worship and communion. All three of us felt very honored and blessed to be able to fellowship like this with our Christian brothers and sisters in Norway. The topic of unity in the church, and the problems that dissention and disagreement can cause, has come up in many of our conversations here. I couldn’t help appreciating the importance of unity as I worshipped on that field in a language I did not understand.

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Calvin said...

Thanks, Markus for putting awesome energy into the blog!! Esther & I and everyone have really enjoyed it!
You all look great!! You are so lucky!!
Tell all the relatives hi for us! Tell zac to take a dip in the north sea for me!!
We are happy for you. We really really appreciate your journaling Markus. You are one gifted writer.
love Aunt k& Esther