Sunday, May 27, 2007

Northwest Folklife Festival

Today, was the annual Northwest Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center. Feeling a need to experience some culture, Clinton, Ian, Seve, Algerae, Mara, Meredith, and I headed on over. There were many independent musicians playing as well as larger bands on stage. The music ranged from Ska/Soul to Folk. There was also plenty of food, crafts, and of course Liberal propaganda. Near the entrance there was a rhythm tent where hundreds of drums and other percussion instruments were gathered and people could come and jump in on a loud drum circle. Essentially, however, this event was the same as all the art festivals at the Seattle Center, a chance for all the hippies to gather and show off their weird skills. It was pretty cool. Afterwards I headed home, but I was met by a very quiet house. So I am now patiently waiting for someone to come home.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Loaded Weekend

It was a busy weekend for Moyer Hall. On friday night, my floor had a roomies date. The idea here is that your roomate finds a date for you and everyone goes as a group on an activity. We took our dates out to a mini golf course near Ballard. It was lightly raining but it was still a whole bunch of fun. Unfortunatly, Algerae and I lost a bet to Drew and Andrea by 6 strokes. Afterwards we went to a fire pit on the canal near SPU and made s'mores and hung out. Then, saturday morning 10 guys from my floor got up early and went out to Moses Lake to Ryan's parents house that is right on the lake. We spent the day playing volleyball, cruising on his boat, and playing some rediculous "Apple's to Apple's" type game. Today, we again woke up early and headed home to play in the intermural co-ed softball playoffs. However, Ryan's car got in a bit of an accident and they were delayed from getting to the first games. This meant that I had to step up to the plate and help the team. We made it to the championship game (me with two triples and 3 RBI's) but we lost it in the miserable Washington downpour.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Rabbit Hunting

The sophomores on my floor have been desiring for some time now to take the floor on a rabbit hunt. The basic idea behind this event is a group goes at night to a park. The group finds a rabbit. Once said rabbit is identified and known, the group chases, dives, screams, ducks, crash, and clamors to catch the rabbit. Now, now before PETA gets involved, we are quite gentle with the rabbits and let them go shortly after we catch them. So, on Sunday night our floor rounded up and headed out to a beatiful park in west Seattle that overlooks the sound. We only caught two rabbits, but it was still a lot of fun. As I look back on the event I begin to realize that for some of these people, these are the last events that we will do together as many of the people are moving off the floor.