Saturday, July 14, 2007

Exploring Stavanger

Today we decided to travel to the second largest city in Norway, Stavanger. We started our tour of the city at a small park that had three giant swords sticking in the ground. They are supposed to be a monument to three warriors that fought in a battle near that location. Once in Stavanger we met a couple of Lisbeths friends, but by this time our stomachs were leading the way as well as most of the conversation. Zac, Alex, Mikal and I ate at a subway, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki for those of you who were wondering, and Lisbeth ate a bagel shop next door. From here it was a short walk to a big church where Lisbeth was baptized as an infant. The interiour was very similar to other Catholic churches I have been to. We then went down to the harbor and bought some shrimp right off a boat that was docked. We did some shopping without the shopping part, which gave us a good chance to see the nice, expensive Norwegian products. Around the harbor was ‘Old Stavanger’ a part of the city with small cobble stone roads and beatiful, old houses. Oh yeah, and kitties, lots of cats. I tried to catch one but it was obviously used to the abuse of visitors. We ate that evening at a nice pizza restaurant called ‘Peppes Pizza’. The food was excellent but my Dutch father will disown me when he hears how much I paid for the pop I got there. We finished the evening by seeing Die Hard 4.0 in a theater near Stavanger. And as Bruce Willis always says in these movies, we had “another day in paradise”.

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