Thursday, July 12, 2007

…and back again—Vigrestad

For the trip back to Vigrestad from the cabin we had a choice between going back along the coast as we came, or we could go across the mainland of Norway and climb the mountains. In the words of Robert Frost, we “took the road less traveled by/ and it has made all the difference” (The Road Not Taken). Our mountainous journey allowed us to see more of the beauty that Norway has to offer. We visited a stave church that is the oldest wooden church in Norway. Eidsborg church was built in the 13th century and is set in a lush green valley. The rest of the trip we had our eyes glued to the window as the slim road wound through miles of mountains, lakes and a lot of green.

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Southworth Sailor said...

Every day I can't wait to see your blog posting.
I appreciate reading about all your adventures.
Thank you for the wonderful gift that you are sharing with us.

Takk, Takk! Mom :)