Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, I should have known I was in trouble when I got lost in the the States! LAX proved to be a little confusing as I had to leave security and the terminal building and walk outside to a new terminal and check in again and go through another security check (finally got a full body screening). My first new friend was a Korean woman on my flight who persisted in her broken English to tell me about her life, and she even gave me a "Korean" massage. Once landed I followed the directions and got to Shinjuku. However, once in Shinjuku I could not find the place to purchase tickets. I wandered around the busiest train station in the world wheeling an enormous suitcase and wearing a very confused, scared expression for about 30 minutes. I was finally able to communicate to employees what I was looking for and got on my train. By the time I got to Calvin's school I had been traveling for about 23 hours, so I was quite tired and went to sleep.

The next day, Calvin and I headed to the Imperial Palace where we hung out in the gardens. We then went to a famous war shrine and a museum that covered the war history of Japan. It was really interesting to walk through a museum that tells the story of World War II from the other point of view. We then went to a famous temple in Tokyo, and I got my first Japanese meal of noodles and fried pork. To end the evening, we headed to Kichijoji to meet up with some of Calvin's friends.

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Steph said...

Pictures already. Honey, you do us all proud. Keep them coming!