Monday, November 1, 2010

We see it all the time: "Top 100 Films of All-Time". We get excited until we realize we don't recognize the titles of seventy-five percent of the list. A closer look at the years of release of the films usually tells us why we don't recognize the list. Our culture doesn't really like to watch old movies. Many would rather *gasp* read a book than trudge through a black and white film that is "supposed to be really good". After being recruited to help with compiling Image's top 100 films list, I thought it might be time to explore some of these "great", old films. The list is decided by the journal's online forum community. It is essentially decided by a small group of cinephiles who have an interest in creating a list with their faith's development in mind. As a result, the list does not have all the typical top movies, but includes a long list of foreign and old films. Of their 2010 top 100 films I had heard of seven and seen five...not a great percentage. So I've decided to give some of these films a chance.

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