Sunday, November 30, 2008

One of my theological, philosophical, and political musings this quarter has been what is known as the Euthyphro question. It is a question of morality as Socrates asks Euthyphro "is something right because the gods (or God) command it, or do the gods (or God) command it because it is right?" In my philosophy classes, the consensus seems to be that there must be something that right is that is the reason that God makes his commandments. If not, then his commandments are arbitrary and random which is something I find hard to believe. But a view like this could also seem to put something in authority over God. Uh Oh. Anyway, in my imaginative writing class I was assigned to write a poem streaming three entries from my writing journal. This was the result of trying to weave three articles with the Euthyphro question in mind. If this poem seems too cynical or harsh on God, keep in mind that I've been reading 17th and 18th century poetry all quarter and am trying to imitate some of their doubt to represent my own struggle.

Morality lies under sands of a private beach.
Many are sure it flows from the Divine Castle built
on the shore. But this cannot be where it forms.
To make these laws not arbitrary wishes of Being,
even God must be measured in His good.
We all are looking for a way to make sense
of life. Smashing politics into pieces,
trying to make it work for you and
for me.
Opposition falls on man,
clothing him in confusion,
tripping him short of the divine.

Still a work in progress as my workshop group pointed out to me this week (the consensus there was that the poem did not make much sense :))

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