Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back in School

After an awesome summer I am finally back at SPU. The first week flew by as I met my new Moyer Hall floormates and reestablished relationships with my friends that had moved out of the dorms. Many of the freshman on my floor seem really into sports and it looks to ba another exciting year for Moyer athletics. However, we still have our share of musicians and gamers (myself included, we beat Halo 3 in 7 straight hours on its release date last tuesday) that give Moyer a unique flavor. As for my studies, I am taking a Christian scriptures class, a logic class, and a beginning biology class. So far I am loving the scriptures and logic classes. This week I have felt an uneasiness over the future of my studies. I feel that God may be telling me that a time for a decision is near. I am praying hard that God will help in this decision as I really do not know what I am interested in most. I am as the traveler in Robert Frost's poem, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,/ and sorry I could not travel both/ and be one traveler, long I stood".


Bjørn said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time at school again. Don't worry to much about what you are going to study. I didn't have any idea till the end of my second year, and even then, I just chose Computing Science because I liked computers. I didn't even know if that is what I wanted to do. Even if you major in Japanese, you will still do fine after you graduate.

Don't let the people that act like they have it all together discourage you. They are just going to change their minds anyway. I was looking at someone's record the other day, and he is just enrolling in his first year, and he is also already planning to go to seminary here in four years, and has signed up already. That is crazy though. There are not many people that have there life planned out like that. Besides, that doesn't sound very exciting.

Not to mention, God will work things out. Read Jenny's blog (hopefully to be posted later today) about the job she might get. It is prefect for her, and there is no way that it could just happen.

Mikayla said...

Marko, you are awesome. Putting your faith in God is so trying sometimes... but I like what Bjorn said. God will work out our lives. yay!
What I really wanted to say was, I throughly enjoy your integration of poetry into your blogs, and your interest in poetry altogether is so cool and unique.
I miss you man,
Your SS very similar friend,